Circle S Ranch is the founding breeder of Gelford™ Cattle

The belief of Circle S Ranch included the idea that the industry needed another option in addition to the British-based cow. They understood that a number of the original Gelbvieh Association membership were originally Hereford breeders and furthermore believed that the Hereford breed could compliment Gelbvieh cowherds. 

The Gelbvieh-Hereford Cross Advantage 

  • Disposition

  • Mothering Ability

  • Stayability and Doability


Registry services, namely, maintaining a registry of the Gelford cattle breed; providing functions in the nature of maintain transfer records of ownership of Gelford cattle; promoting public awareness in the field of the Gelford cattle breed. 

Gelford and Hereford are two breeds, which complete each other, as well as any two breeds out there in our opinion. The old “black baldy” was always thought of as the Angus X Hereford cross (two British breeds), and we wanted to reap the advantage of the Continental breed, crossing Hereford with Gelbvieh. 

 GELBVIEH X HEREFORD = Very consistent progeny!

How does a Gelbvieh bull fit in your Commercial/Hereford Operation? 

Gelbvieh are the perfect compliment to maximize heterosis in your herd of Hereford cattle!

Gelford™ Breed = Heterosis Advantage

Line 1 Horned Hereford Cows crossed with Purebred (94%) Homozygous 

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